What is alternative crypto currency means?

By | July 15, 2019

In cryptocurrency there are two categories that Bitcoin-btc and alt coins. I have explained the btc earlier articles. Please refer it.  alt coins means the alternative coins ,apart from the btc all other coins are alt coins. Always the major currency is the Bitcoin and others are following the btc trends. Ethereum is the queen and head of the alternative coin market. 

On 2009 btc was at cents then now at the rate of 12000$ , so now we are not in a position to invest btc.,12000$ very big amount for normal investors. If you willing to start invest on crypto currencies, it’s better to invest on potential alternative coins.

Now your mind says what the potential alternative coins are, yes you have to research about it. Normally top 50 on coinmarketcap is the best to invest. Visit coinmarketcap.com for more details.

Even though you have to research about one by one , because its your hard earned money , sometimes best performing alternative coin , in next market circle going to be upside down.

What Factors need to research before investing on alts?

Yes this is a common question; from my experience I will tell you everything

ICO price and current market price

  • Team of development – Team member’s qualifications and experiences etc
  • Refer the White paper –Technical paper
  • Roadmap and achievements
  • Current market movements
  • Social media contribution
  • Future tech aspects

In next articles I will bring you one by one deep explanations.  I have to tell you this , if you invested in Eth on 2015 about 1000 usd , now you will be USD dollar millioner.

Still you not defeated or late , make some research on cryptocurrency to invest in. you will be ended with millionaire or billionaire

Most of the alt scam things, when you go to fiverr , can see tons of ico creates. so please be careful


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